To Mami and Papi. Here are some things that I would like to remember forever.

Laguboti, 12 Juli 2021 — Malam ini hujan turun seiring dengan temperatur. Dingin. Satu hal yang berkerabat dekat dengan napsu makan dan kantuk.

Malam ini, walau Aku dan Teman-temanku sudah makan di kantin, Kami tetap…

South Korea is one of the most leading countries in Creative Industry sector. It is proven from the popularity of its creative products such as TV Shows, Music, Film, Fashion, Beauty Arts, Performing arts, and Literature. Since 1990’s the Korean wave has become a global sensation and unexpectedly developed their…

I wasn’t sure how this happened but it did happen. I had the opportunity to deliver my team’s confirmation research about Waste Tofu Fermentation to the Royal Couple of the Netherlands — and Bapak Luhut Pandjaitan.


The story was started in January 2020, the exact time I decided not…

Agricultural systems are the final recipients of a number of several pollutans (Razzaghi et al., 2018) and nanomaterial, including nano- as well as microplastics with effects relatively unknown yet. The lack of understanding and information regarding nanomaterial effects in agricultural systems is troublesome for the food chain. Humans take a…


My name is Maria Natassija and you might have just mispronounced it a moment ago. Haha! People have always believed that curiosity kills the cat, but not to me. Curiosity gives you the opportunity to think deeper, read more books, and wander farther. And I want to archive my thoughts and points of view to make them last longer than forever. But how long is forever, really? Alright, alright. Here’s just a glimpse of myself. You and me both will wander the world through my lenses together; in addition to that we may find our real selves along the way!

Maria Natassija Sariati

Hello! I’m a Bioprocess Engineering student; class of 2017. Who loves reading, writing, travelling, and photography. Hereby, I let you to wander with me!

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